European Association of Sustainability Professionals
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Sustainability Makers is the Italian national association for CSR professionals.
The CSR professional is who is engaged – in Companies, Corporate Foundations, Professional firms, Public Administration, Non Profit Organizations – in managing sustainability activities as essential elements of strategy

Promote the profession and professionalism of people involved in CSR and sustainability topics in order to:

  • increase sense of responsibility and business competitiveness
  • contribute to sustainable development at country level
  1. Professional development
    • Development of knowledge and skills
    • Best practices sharing
  2. Promotion of the profession
    • Enhance the role of CSR Managers within enterprises, P.A., Non Profit Organizations
    • Sensitize Institutions on the strategic importance of sustainability
    • Support to positioning sustainability as a strategic function
    • Promote the profession in University and Professional Institute
  3. Promotion of sustainability policies
    • Making public policy initiatives in support of sustainability practices in Italy
    • Raise public awareness on the importance of sustainability policies
    • Intervening in the public debate on burning issues on sustainable development
  4. International interaction
    • Represent Italy in international networks of professionals active in sustainability
    • Link to international networks and worldwide research centers
  1. Large and medium size enterprises (> 50 employees)
  2. Small enterprises
  3. Corporate Foundations
  4. Professional firms
  5. Public Administration
  6. Socially Responsible Investing
  7. Non profit organizations
  8. Young people
  • Workshops for members
  • Webinar
  • Research projects
  • Publications
  • Website
  • Conferences
  • Working Group
  • Support to members in project development
  • Education

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