European Association of Sustainability Professionals

There are several national organizations across Europe gathering CSR and Sustainability professionals (either company managers, consultants, academics, other practitioners). They may slightly differ one from another, but they all have many points in common
By linking together, these peer organizations can do their job much more efficiently.

  • Exchange information, ideas and practices
  • Work together on specific projects
  • Circulate the outputs of each organization’s project to a broader audience
  • Reach critical mass for managing initiatives at transnational scale
  • Elaborate joint positions vis à vis the European policy makers and regulators


November 13, 2019 (10am): EASP webinar - Senior managers of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Europe

EASP invites you to the webinar dedicated to the presentation of the recent survey conducted by the European Association of Sustainability Professionals (EASP) on Senior managers of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Europe. The survey highlights similarities and differences between managers who oversee sustainability... >>

Who are Sustainability Managers in Europe? EASP’s survey is online

October 2 2019 – On Tuesday, EASP presented the findings of their recent survey at “Salone della CSR e Innovazione Sociale” – the leading national annual meeting in Italy regarding sustainability. The survey explores the roles, salaries, team sizes, activities and challenges of CSR and sustainability professionals across seven European... >>

Participate in the EASP training cycle! Good practices in SDGs: 13, 14 and 15

From the European Association of CSR/Sustainability Professionals (EASP), we have organized a series of Webinars about concrete experiences of SDGs application and measurement at the Business environment. It is a great opportunity both to learn and to give visibility to the work its been done as CSR and Sustainability managers. The first session... >>

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