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Responsible Business Forum Serbia is a network of socially responsible companies that contribute to the development of the community, stimulating the development of corporate social responsibility and the establishment of firm and lasting socially responsible practices in the business sector. The Forum provides a platform for connecting business leaders with the representatives of other segments of society, thus encouraging inter-sector dialogue, collaboration and sharing of good practices. The Forum develops practical and sustainable solutions in all four areas making the pillars of CSR: local community, environment, workplace and market.

Responsible Business Forum mission is to encourage development of corporate social responsibility and the establishment of durable corporate social responsibility practices in the business sector.

Responsible Business Forum vision is a society in which businesses significantly contribute to solving community problems and in which CSR practices are found and incorporated in every enterprise, from the smallest to the largest.

Reporting on sustainability and corporate social responsibility is ever more present worldwide practice of responsible companies, which enables them to monitor their economic, environmental and social impacts, and to inform the public. Responsible Business Forum encourages companies to report on corporate social responsibility, and RBF members are leading the implementation of the internationally renowned methodology of reporting on sustainability – Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), CSR Index Serbia and Annual Questionnaire on Investing in Socially Responsible Activities.

Supporting sustainable and inclusive society development by introducing innovative cross-sectorial models of cooperation.

Work on partnership promotion takes place through trainings, publications, as well as events such as the Partnership Fair and the CSR Forum, but also through the provision of concrete tools that connect sectors and facilitate the establishment and management of business and civil society partnerships.

Encouraging youth entrepreneurship in Serbia is a task that is not a prerequisite for economic development alone.

Presenting CSR trends and inspiring SMEs to establish similar practices in their businesses.

The objective of Responsible Business Forum Serbia is to analyze the existing solutions in our country and at the European Union level, to identify the space for improvement and to advocate improvements in the regulatory framework, in cooperation with partners from international organizations, business associations and the public sector.

Corporate volunteering is one of the first forms of corporate philanthropy that RBF started to develop after its establishment, and we are proud of the fact that, compared to the period of 10 years ago, when this concept was not known at all, most companies in Serbia today are realizing volunteering programs and actions on their own.

Annual Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility which presents current solutions and trends in the field of corporate social responsibility in the domestic business, public and civil sector. This conference aims to stimulate the development of cross-sectorial cooperation, as a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the society.

Responsible Business Forum governing bodies are Presidency, Governing Board and the Executive Director.

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