European Association of Sustainability Professionals

There are several national organizations across Europe gathering CSR and Sustainability professionals (either company managers, consultants, academics, other practitioners). They may slightly differ one from another, but they all have many points in common
By linking together, these peer organizations can do their job much more efficiently.

  • Exchange information, ideas and practices
  • Work together on specific projects
  • Circulate the outputs of each organization’s project to a broader audience
  • Reach critical mass for managing initiatives at transnational scale
  • Elaborate joint positions vis à vis the European policy makers and regulators


Webinar "Aligning corporate strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and opportunities" by CSR Manager Network and WBCSD

2017 November 7, international webinar. A landmark report launched by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) reveals that pursuing sustainable and inclusive business models could unlock economic opportunities worth at least US$12 trillion a year by 2030 and generate up to 380 million jobs. However, the SDG agenda and the... >>

WBCSD's Global Network partner in Italy hosts roundtable on business implications of the SDG’s

2017 September 20 – CSR Manager Network with World Business Council Sustainable Development hosta an interesting roundtable with the participation of Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile  (ASviS) and several big Italian companies committed in Sustainability. >>

#STD 6th Dec. #Webinar: "Getting executive leadership to buy into the circular economy" by CSR Manager Network and WBCSD

2017 December 6 – An international open webinar organized by CSR Manager Network in collaboration with World Business Council for Sustainable Development focused on Circular Economy. According to Accenture, the circular economy represents a $4.5 trillion opportunity. Despite the recognition of all of this value that remains to be captured,... >>