European Association of Sustainability Professionals

There are several national organizations across Europe gathering CSR and Sustainability professionals (either company managers, consultants, academics, other practitioners). They may slightly differ one from another, but they all have many points in common
By linking together, these peer organizations can do their job much more efficiently.

  • Exchange information, ideas and practices
  • Work together on specific projects
  • Circulate the outputs of each organization’s project to a broader audience
  • Reach critical mass for managing initiatives at transnational scale
  • Elaborate joint positions vis à vis the European policy makers and regulators


Debut of the first EASP, a European initiative open to all countries

October 2016 - The Salone of CSR and Social Innovation at the Bocconi University in Milan, is the venue for the first meeting of a new network bringing together the leading European organisations representing CSR professionals: the aim of the European Association of Sustainability Professionals(EASP) is to pool experiences in order to promote the... >>

Webinar on "Stakeholder management & its impact on performance and reporting" by CSR Manager Network

24 march 2017 - The webinar aimed to understand how multinational enterprises are adapting their stakeholder management processes  & explore different institutional contexts in which they operate in. It also examined the relationship between stakeholder management and an organisation’s performance.  During the webinar, the CSR... >>