European Association of Sustainability Professionals

CSR Turkey operates with an approach based on sustainable progress, corporate governance, public-civil society & private sector partnership. The mission of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey) is to create tools, resources and methodologies for business to behave socially responsible on social, economic and environmental issues so that business can have a positive impact on the development of the society.  It works in the area of scientific research, trainings, consulting and advocacy. CSR Turkey has 21 corporate members and 25 individual members.  There are 7 members in Advisory Board and 7 members in the Executive Board of CSR Turkey. All members are experts in their fields at national and international level. The member’ experience in management and implementation many projects can be seen through our website and members’ online accounts. CSR Turkey also has four full time and two-part time human resource in Istanbul.

CSR Turkey works in the fields of SDG’s, Jobs & Skills, Sustainable Cities, Human Rights in Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance, Sustainability Reporting, scientific researches for CSR and CSR trainings. Other than that, CSR Turkey worked with CSR Ukraine (Enhancing CSR in Ukraine Project), CSR Iran (Accelerating CSR in Iran Project) and other organizations from Romania and Bulgaria (TRAINEAST project, CSR lectures for the future leaders) which helped CSR Turkey to adapt CSR tools to other countries according to their needs and challenges. In last year, CSR Turkey, in partnership with MVO Netherland and Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation, implemented the Mainstreaming CSR Among SME’s” project in small and medium enterprises level. Lastly, CSR Turkey worked with Equiception in “the Giving Refugees a Voice” project funded by the C&A Foundation. The main aim of the project was to gather data about the terms and conditions of Syrian refugee workers and to find a way of incentivizing the regular employment of Syrian refugees so that they can be a productive and thriving part of a competitive textile and apparel value chain.

On the other hand, CSR Turkey contributes to both national and international development of CSR by implementing several CSR and CSR-related programs in Turkey, partnering with European, Black Sea and Middle East countries, exchanging ideas and realizing the capacity building activities in NGOs from different parts of world. CSR Turkey established CSR Black Sea Network which it is already a member of CSR Europe and co-founder of CSR Middle East.

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